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My name is Lindsay, and I’m a mom, a wife, and a chef.

To me food isn’t just about eating. Meals are not a chore, but an opportunity to gather, enjoy each other’s company, and just spend time together. What better way to stay connected with people than over a wonderful meal that you have made.

My family is the most important thing in the world to me, and what better way to show them how much I love them, than by nourishing them. Food is what sustains us, food can also be medicinal, as well as detrimental to our health, why not enjoy it and do it right?

Some things you will see on here are some great tasting and maybe even great looking food, a few rants about eating local food, how important it is to eat foods not created in a lab, and how easy it can be to create a meal using real food. Yes, there will be dishes instead of fast food wrappers, but is that REALLY a bad thing? We have a responsibility to ourselves, to take care of the one body we’ve got. Not, I’m not saying go out and run a marathon, that’s crazy talk, but are we not worth more than processed soy? I think if we stop eating dinner in the car, and start sitting down over a real meal, not only would our health improve, but society might too. Just a thought.

A couple things you won’t see on here…. Pictures of my offspring, or anyone else’s offspring for that matter. I do not believe in posting pics of someone who has no say in it. If my son grows up to run for president, I don’t need the opposite party digging up pictures of him in the tub, I’m sure I will embarrass him enough in his life without adding that. Not that I think he will be president, but I want him to decide how much of his face is shared. And since he can’t form sentences yet, it will be a while. Besides, there are some creepy people in this world. You also won’t see the best grammar, but I will do my best. I have a pet peeve or two (like people who say “should of” and not “should have”) but I get to typing and don’t always think about where a comma should go. Sorry,

So, what’s a zipperhead, and where am I traveling you ask? A zipperhead is someone who has had a decompression surgery for Chiari. Check out my Chiari story for more information on that. When we come out of surgery with all the staples (I had 40) down the back of our head, it looks like a zipper. Hence Zipperhead. I have a seven inch scar down the back of my head and neck that remind me every day how lucky I am. I’m alive, and doing better than a lot of other zipperheads. I have a strong support network and I’m grateful to them.
The traveling part is a combination of two things: 1) my husband and I love to travel. We’ve been to several countries, were married in one of them, and like to see new places and go on new adventures. 2) I have recently had a child, quit my job, started school, and we are planning to grow our collection of munchkins in the somewhat near future. So I am traveling and navigating through life to see what tomorrow holds.

My husband is my traveling buddy. We work well together and balance each other, he pushes me to face my fears, even when I don’t want him to – and I rarely ever want to, but he is always there to make sure I don’t face them alone, and a little to make fun of me for being a chicken. I’m there to sneak flax seeds and kale into his diet when he’s not looking. I think it’s an even trade and I’m glad he puts up with me -though, I am a joy, so it can’t be that hard.

Thank you for taking the time to join me on this adventure. We will have fun, I promise.

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