I guess we are cosleepers


Not by choice, and don’t be quick to judge. Imagine this: it’s 3am, the baby is crying and you are exhausted. I know I know, no one in the history of having children has ever experienced this, but it’s either be up with a kid for three hours who does NOT want to go back to his own bed, or let him sleep with you, you don’t get the best sleep, but you are horizontal and you get SOME sleep.

I blame myself. So does the Captain. See, when I had to go back to work after the little one was born, I freaked out. I knew it was only for a few months, but I HATED the idea of strangers raising him while I went to work. In fact, it made me sick to my stomach – daily. Anyway, when I finally WAS able to stay home with him, I became a bit of an attached parent. I was always holding him or wearing him, even when he napped. I have the arm muscles to prove this. I won’t say I’ve spoiled him bc I refuse to consider bonding and strengthening your relationship with your child spoiling. He just now sleeps better with my arm under his back.

When am I ever going to get this again? When he’s 10 and thinks bodily functions are hilarious and has stinky feet? When he’s 12 and would rather go pay with his friends? How about when he’s 15 and notices girls or 17 and wants nothing to do with me? I don’t get to snuggle him forever and hell, I may not make it to see him turn 10, it’s not exactly unheard of. I’m going to take advantage of this time now. Maybe when he’s hanging out with his friends in 15 years and they want to do something stupid and dangerous, he will be secure enough to make good decisions.

So when he wakes up in the middle of the night deciding that he is too good for his crib and wants to be with his mommy, I will happily comfort him and still try to get a little shut eye at the same time.


The only problem is this is the position he sleeps in


Ok ok I’ll try and get some new pics on this thing tomorrow.
Good night all!

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