A word from me.

When I started this site, the plan was simple. The hubs and I love to travel, we love to take pictures, and I wanted to prove to the world and myself that even though I have chiari, I am not going to let it take over my life.. You will not see me complaining on here (about that), and I will post about all the adventures the Captain and I have. Well. Then reality hit and I realized when we travel, the last thing I’m thinking about is blogging, even if I can find wifi. Which is not that often. So I thought I’d post when I get back. Then I remembered I’m lazy.
The Captain and I then had a little baby friend who surprisingly takes up a LOT of my time. I know- go figure. So my adventure gage changed and even though we don’t visit Germany and Switzerland like we did (I PROMISE I’ll get some pics up one day) we have a lot of adventure right here at home.
I didn’t want this to be another food blog. There are about a billion and a half food blogs out there. I counted. I am however, starting culinary school in January, so I will probably post more about food, and my gluten free quest for comfort food.

All that being said… Who the heck knows what I will post.

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