Three Year Zipperversary

I glazed over this day last week, but on the 8th, I celebrated my zipperversary. I wanted to celebrate by making this:


But I ended up waiting until last night. I used the meat I ground myself with my new favorite toy ever.
I saw this on the Chew the other day. It was the burger my imaginary boyfriend Michael Symon made and came in second place with at the South Beach Food and Wine festival.

I caramelized some onions to start out with

And made the cheese sauce, or the cheese gravy really. I just melted some butter and flour and the added cream (see, it’s like gravy) then added a couple handfuls of shredded cheddar

At this point I was counting up the dishes I was going to have to wash, but decided, go big, or go home, and got out another pan to cook my hamburger patties. Did I mention I ground that meat up all by myself?

I mixed flour, salt, thyme, and a little cayenne and then dusted the onion slices in to get them ready to fry up



After I fried up the onions, it was time to assemble.
By the way, all the flour and the bun used here are all gluten free. I get my buns from a place called Local Oven and they are awesome.

So have a toasted bun and caramelized onions

Then some lettuce (to make me feel better about eating this) the burger, and the cheese sauce.

Mmmmmmm melty cheese sauce, let’s take a moment and another look shall we?


The fried onions and thyme were next

I capped it off with a big slice of tomato, and the gluten free bun, and wondered how I would get my mouth around it. (No I didn’t, I knew I could I unhinge my jaw for that)


Did you ever bite into something and have that moment? That “oh heck yeah” moment where you know you’ve created something good? I was so proud of this burger. I couldn’t wait for the captain to get home so I could see his reaction, and he really liked it too.

Now, this is not an every day thing here. I felt like I had eaten a brick after I was done, but it was delicious.

Now to ensure that I don’t eat like this all the time, I took a picture of the dishes I had to wash after. It was my cardio.


Totally worth it………. Once in a while.

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