Shoe tragedy


I miss my heels.  There, I said it and I’m not apologizing for it. This is a pic of some of my favorites. Aren’t they pretty?  Two of them hurt like hell, in fact the pink ones hurt so bad I’ve never actually worn them, but I love them just the same.  Rosco aside, (and of course the Captain if he’s reading this) shoes are my biggest love.  In fact shoes have been a very important part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been wearing heels since I was 14,  and I’m picky about them, for the most part.  I like them sleek, sexy and one or two steps off the pole in some cases. 
There has been a dark time for shoes the past couple of years, they have looked like shoes for grandma or lesbian toddlers.  You really had to hunt to find cute heels.  It was a challenge, but one I readily accepted, because I  refused to wear ugly shoes until……
After I had my surgery I was discouraged, strongly discouraged, to not wear heels for now.  My first question, how long is now?  Then a rush of horror washed over me as I saw a future filled with Mary Janes and merrils and I was worried.   Thank God it was spring and sandals were in season.  Now its fall and new shoes are coming out, and guess what…. they are cute!  I have tried so many one, but I think I’ve forgotten how to wear them.  I’ll have to get back into it, and practice, as far as my neurosurgeon goes… what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.  I promise ill be careful and try not to fall (that is the biggest concern sine I’m equilibrium challanged). I have to try though.  

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