A New Semester

I start my fall semester tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it, and dreading it. I dread for a couple reasons. First off, it’s a night class. I don’t do nights. I’m not particularly good at mornings either, but as I write this, it’s 9:12 and I’m ready for bed. I don’t know how I’ll be cooking until 10:30 at night. And they are notorious for letting us out late too. Which is annoying, but for a whole other reason. Another reason is, this is my pastry semester. I can’t eat anything I’ll be making, so I’ll have no idea if I’m on the right track. In fact, I have recently (today) given up all grains in an effort to feel better, but I’ll go into that when I talk about allergies later. (Spoiler alert: it will be sooner than later) this will be my most challenging semester. That is both exciting and nerve wracking. I firmly believe that when things get challenging, is when you learn the most, so I’m hoping to learn a lot, because I’m not that versed on baking. I know it’s chemistry, but that’s about it. Wish me luck!

Here are pictures from some of last semester’s graduation spread. There were a couple more tables I did not get a pic of, but here are a few.






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