Nutella Filled Donuts

Yep. Not only am I baking and frying…. I’m baking AND frying. And I’m not ashamed. Ok, maybe a little, but it was good! I read a story saying the inventor of the cronut was going to do a Nutella stuffed cronut on May 19, and since I 1) don’t plan on being in New York 2) can’t wait that long & 3) can’t eat a real cronut anyway, I took matters into my own hands.

I made these biscuits the other day, and I wanted to try to laminate the dough. For the record it is nearly impossible to laminate gf dough. I took this recipe, omitted the xanthan gum and replaced the corn starch with arrowroot to get rid of that pesky corn. Then, I added 50% more sugar and 1/3 more butter to try and make it more cronut-y.

I rolled the dough out, folded it in 1/3s business letter style, then rolled again, then folded, and rolled, etc…. I did this about four times, and you should refrigerate this in between, but there is no gluten to rest, and I’m too impatient to kept the butter chill, so I worked fast.


Then I used my biscuit cutters to cut out biscuit and donut shapes. The donut shapes and donut holes, were more for play and practice. The biscuit shaped ones, I flattened slightly (after letting them all rise for a bit) and spooned some Nutella in the center, then covered with another flattened piece and pinched the edges together.



Then I fried it and sprinkled it with powdered sugar.


These turned out more like a cake donut, than a cronut, but were still delicious.
I made Cronuts for part of my pastry final back in Dec, both regular and gf. I was told the regular were very good, and Doug has been on me since then to make them again. I may try to make these again, or I may go back to cooking and leave the baking to the professionals.

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  1. nadine andrea says:

    looks good but very fattening. I love home made cake donuts and used to make fairly often as the boys liked them also.Can’t believe you like to cook so much.. Where did you get that??? Love you, grandma

  2. Karen Goldstein says:


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