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My little guy loves a slushy from Sonic, and really, who DOESN’T?  I mean, they are delicious, and you can get them in so many flavors. They have a lot of sugar though.  I believe the actual amount is labeled “a crap ton”. I worked at sonic in high school and remember making them, I won’t go into how they were mixed in a large garbage with eight bags of sugar and you had to stick your arm in up to your armpit to stir it.  They don’t do that anymore I don’t think. And if they do….. It hasn’t deterred me one bit from them.  There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a watermelon slushy. Or cherry.

My little guy has figured out that whatever he wants to eat, I can make. It’s both flattering and exhausting, but the challenges are fun. I’ve made Lego gummies, s’mores with fondant instead of a marshmallow (this actually worked really well) a cake in the shape of a lion for “international lion day”. This proved that I can make it, but I can’t really make it pretty, when I showed it to my mom and she asked if my four year old frosted it. 

It was only a matter of time until I was asked to make a slushy. 

I broke down what it was, (sugar, water, coloring, and flavor) so why not? I just needed to freeze it. Then it dawned on me, the ice cream maker!

So I started with a simple syrup:

Added some color and flavor:

Then let it cool: (I wanted to keep dust out of it)

 After this cooled some, I poured it into a container and stuck it in the fridge until it was time to freeze. 

I went on about my night doing dishes, etc and honestly I wasn’t holding out too much hope until I peeked in and saw that it was working. And working well! Go figure! 

I will say this, I made strawberry flavored by using the flavoring for hard candy, and just a regular simple syrup, but it was sweet. Really sweet. Like, there is no way I’m letting anyone eat this, sweet. I added a little water, lemon juice and a tad bit of salt. It was still too sweet. It tastes good, but it needed more water before I could let anyone eat a whole cup full, but it was already frozen by then. 

So I made one, let every one have two bites, and got rid of it. Next time, less sugar, 

But it worked!  If you want to make a slush or a frozen margarita…. Keep your ice cream maker handy. It does more than ice cream. 

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