A Little Expansion

 When I started this blog it was to be about traveling and food, then it became more about food and a little of my personal opinions on humanity, (sorry about that) and now, because I’m the Madonna of food blogs, I’m reinventing myself again. Only instead of trying to fool myself into believing that I’m still 20, I’m trying to fool myself that I’m a gardener. 

Growing up, my mother always planted flower beds and a few tomato plants but I was never interested. In fact, I was far from it. I could never understand why anyone would want to be outside working up a sweat, when they could be inside watching TV. She always told me it’s her therapy, and I never understood until now. 

I finally get it…. Sort of. My mom makes flowing flower beds and plants native plants to enjoy while sitting outside. I get excited about timing when to plant okra and if I should give strawberries a go this year. She sinks a broken pot to make it look like flowers are tumbling out…. I sink a garbage can with holes drilled into it so I can compost my kitchen scraps. It’s basically the same thing. 

I rely on my farmer to grow most of my produce, and I still will, but now I have a bigger yard and can play more. I’ve tried to grow several things in the past, with no luck and with some luck, but now I can try many things at once! 

Studies show that people who spend time among plants have lower blood pressure …. Unless you get a squash bug infestation. I don’t have high blood pressure, but I do have anxiety, and I’m hopeful that focusing my attention on plants, being outside, and getting some exercise will help me with that. Plus, I’ll get tomatoes….. And zucchini, and bell peppers, and okra, oh and blueberries!  

Lucy is back there stalking my blueberry bush. Not for the berries, but for the fertilizer. I use a nasty bottle of compressed and liquified fish. It’s gross and not something you want to get on you, but she licks it up, then sticks her tongue in the baby’s mouth. …. Excuse me while I hurl. 

You are also seeing the herb garden the hubs made me. 

This has been a joint effort so far with Doug doing the lion’s share so far. He’s built the herb garden, built the beds, hauled the dirt, planted the trees, dug the holes for the compost bins, and it’s all for vegetables that I make him eat against his will. My mom has also helped; I had my gallbladder removed and was not allowed to lift anything. She is obviously a glutton for punishment, and had been over every day for two weeks to help me take care of the kids.  She also spread the dirt in three of the beds, lots of dirt, heavy dirt,  because I can’t lift anything over 10 lbs. 

So as of right now I have tomatoes, bell peppers, zukes, cukes, green beans, herbs, blueberries, plums and some kind of orange tree planted. I have several beds and endless options ahead of me. All I need is good dirt to fill in my other three beds! 

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