Happy Halloween!

I’ve always really liked Halloween. Maybe it’s because this is the time of year when we can finally get back outside, maybe it’s the fun of it all, maybe it’s because my birthday is the day after…. whatever, I love Halloween. 

The hubs and I have a long tradition of overdoing the costumes for the little guy. 

First, there was McQueen:

Then there was the Bumblebee transformer:

Last year, as we were watching “The Force Awakens”, I knew what he was going to want to be this year, I just had to figure out how. The hubs had done an outstanding job on the cars in years past, but we needed round. A big round ball. 

We thought about a paper lantern, but couldn’t find one big enough, so we settled on paper maché and a yoga ball. 

Neither Doug nor myself had ever paper machéd anything, but what the heck? We went for it. 

We did about 10 layers, though the bottom edge seemed to be a little thinner. We held our breath as we deflated the ball, but it turned out ok. So far so good. 

I taped down the ends to make it a little smoother around the top and bottom. 

Next up was the paint. This is where Doug really shines. He makes sure to get all the details as accurate as possible and takes his time to get it right. Topped with a BB8 helmet and I think we are good to go!

I keep saying we need to reel it in, especially now that there are two and we are potentially looking at a lot of work. The thing is though, when the kids are older, I want them to look back and remember how awesome their parents made their costumes. I want them to not be afraid to go for it, to keep their imaginations going, and to remember the fun. Always remember the fun.  And armholes. We need to remember arm holes….

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