When you first start working out, and especially if you are lifting weights, everything you read and hear is about gains. Gains gains gains. I always just assumed that muscle heads were just trying to get bigger muscles and that was the gains they talk about …. and it is…. and it isn’t.

There are other gains, smaller gains that you probably don’t think about. I started week three today, and hopefully at the end of this week, it will be a habit. So two weeks at the gym, and this is what my “gains” are:

My posture has changed. How I carry myself, and how I walk. I noticed this, and then a friend at the gym saw it too.

I FEEL myself getting stronger. I can go up and down the stairs easier, I can get up from sitting or get out of bed without the pain and cracking.

I feel my old personality starting to peek out. I’m still tired, and that could be having small kids, or the chiari, or both, but I am starting to get the fun side of my personality back. And I’m happy about that. I’m tired of this personality, I want to be bubbly again.

Lastly, I’m more comfortable at the gym. I don’t feel quite so out of place anymore. I still feel a little intimidated, but I go. I show up every day and I put in the work and I feel like I belong there.

I still have a long way to go, we are going to talk nutrition on here once I get that all worked out, and I’d like to get brave enough to put some starting measurements up on here. We’ll see.

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