I’m so disappointed right now. After all these years, I FINALLY have my head in the game. I’m finally in the right place mentally to get my crap together physically.

I’ve been sick, for weeks, I just can’t get better. I’ve been to the dr a few times, had three rounds of steroids, one round of antibiotics, and so much Advil for my sore throat that my liver probably wanted to coup, but I just couldn’t get there. I thought that after the holidays and my oldest went back to school, I would get back in the routine and things would be ok. I started back at the gym, but I still felt crappy, and I was so worn out after the gym, that I was useless the rest of the day. This was how I was feeling before Christmas too. I figured that I was just still fighting something and powered through, but by Wed, I just felt awful. So I went back to the Dr.

I had been checked for strep and for the flu, both were neg, but today she checked me for something else.


Mono, as in, “no heavy lifting” mono, or “protect your abdomen and sleep” mono. To say that I am heartbroken is an understatement. Along with the fatigue, which I can handle, there’s the sore throat that just won’t go away. The pain is intense and there’s only so much ibuprofen I can take a day for weeks on end. My husband has to pick up the slack which includes me texting him constantly (I can’t talk) to tell him what needs to be done and when.

Then we get to the gym. I’ve worked so hard, and I’ve come so far, now I will have to start all over. The soreness, the routine, the everything. It’s all on hold.

So here I lay, in bed, wondering how long omg going to be sidelined and how hard it will be to get back to my routine. Wondering how much pain medicine my body can take. I’ve started elderberry and olive leaf, hoping that will help my immune system fight this crap. If anyone has any other ideas, I’m open.

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