Where Have you Been???

OK OK OK I know, I’m sorry. I’ve been gone for a while. But in my defense, I had a baby and you also know that I’m VERY lazy. I’ve had a few other hiccups along the way as well. See I’m not one to use a baby as an excuse, but it does seem that when I have time, I have nothing to say, but when I have no time, I have loads of things to say. I need someone to follow me around and take shorthand of everything I say. ( Because they are all little nuggets of gold you know.) Then later I can review the thoughts and conversations of the day and transcribe the good stuff. Hmmm, second thought that could also be used against me in a court too. better not. Maybe I just need a reality show.
Of course, then I’d be adding to the problem of society of today. Everyone thinks they are special because their mommy told them so. They think everyone cares what they have to say and what they are doing. That’s why there are endless blogs (ummm scratch that) an abundance of over-sharing on Facebook, Twitter in general, Pinterest, etc. Don’t even get me started on Pinterest. Do we really care what other people think about a certain dress and if its ok for prom, what hairstyle a total stranger half a continent away likes, or how to make a bathroom rug out of an old T-shirt? When did your best friend’s opinion no longer matter as much as an internet full of bored housewives?

I did not get back on here to ramble on about the evils of social media, hell I’m on them myself, but to re-do this blog. I have embarked on a few new journeys. I am still the same zipperhead, working through a world of challenges and grateful for every day I get. I try to maintain my optimism along with my sarcasm, but now I am a mother, a home-maker (that doesn’t even hurt anymore to say) and I’m newly gluten free.
I will not be traveling much in the near future, but I will still reminisce on past trips, and hope for new ones in the future.
My (hopefully) daily posts will be on food I’ve made, food I’ve grown, weight I’ve lost (down 30 lbs so far), and anything else that may come to mind.
You know I do not post pics of kids on here. I don’t believe in that, but I will maybe indulge in a funny story from time to time.
I hope you will stay with me and I hope more will join in the fun as I revamp the site. I hope to have real people too, not just the 586 spammers I have right now. If I could figure out my password, I’d start tweeting again too!

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