A note on Chick – fil-a From the voice of apathy

I have long standing history of not getting involved in other people’s lives.  It’s part ‘not wanting to get involved’, and part ‘just really don’t care’.  Once in a while, however, I feel the need to speak my mind.  Not that I expect anyone else to care, but I feel I need to speak up.

This country was founded on the idea of freedom of religion.  That’s why we came over here.  No one wanted to be told how to worship.  The beautiful thing is we also have freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.  That means you and I can believe two totally different things and talk about it openly.  We can get into a knock-down drag-out fight over it, but what we cannot do, is inflict our beliefs on others.  We cannot threaten, bully, or get a mob mentality to pass laws, or pass judgment and force others to live by our own moral compass.  Yet we do.  All the time.  Your North and my North are not the same, and yet you tell me I’m doing the wrong thing?  You tell me that gay marriage is against your religion so we should pass a law and make it unconstitutional.  OK well then can atheists get married?  Can they marry a man or a woman?  Or neither?  What if an atheist and a Mormon want to marry? Is that legal?

My brother and his wife are vegetarians, yet they don’t tell others not to eat meat.  In fact, not only do we eat meat in front of them, they even let their children eat meat.  Mass hysteria almost never ensues.

My point is this.  Chick Fil A has a constitutional right to be bigots and support hate groups.  The Muppets have a Constitutional right to no longer associate with them.  The best part is this: you can do whatever you’d like.  Is eating there just like eating Chinese food?  You don’t share the same beliefs, but you like the food and you don’t care how they spend the money you’ve given them?  Or do you care what your money supports?  Are you bothered by the fact that supporting their business means you support their causes?  It’s like buying American.  Do you buy whatever you can find cheap and not know who you are making richer?  Or not care?  Do you try to buy American whenever possible, maybe from companies who treat their employees well?  Maybe you even buy local so you know your money is going to a local farmer and not a large corporation who may or may not care about what they are feeding you.

I gave up Chick Fil A a while ago, and even if I could eat gluten, I would not be giving them my business.  Too many companies out there hide behind being a “Christian Organization” to do very nasty things.

I don’t care really what side you are on.  I will respect that you are entitled to your opinion, but I expect you to respect mine.

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