Happy Thanksgiving


Remember what I said about road trips?  Well we are driving to NW AR right now.  We are in Sherman as we speak, and the Captain is driving because I don’t drive at night, or in the rain, or when I don’t have to.  It took roughly two hours to go 6 miles.  Ok not 6 miles but not more than 10. 
The Captain just asked if I have any drugs on me to put me out.  I’m guessing he does not like my helpful driving tips. 
I don’t know if I’m alone here, but my balance issues are not limited to just walking.  I’m pretty sure at any minute the car will trip, or another car will cause us problems.  As a result of this, I drive like I walk. 
Slowly, in the middle and pay very close attention to obstacles.  Some people call them cars and every one we pass I just know is going to drive into us. This makes me jump, slam my foot onto the imaginary brake on the passenger side, point out every cop I see, do my own random speed checks, and grab the handles while squealing.  I’m sure that’s not annoying at all.  I read somewhere that Scorpios are the best drivers because they can sense what the other drivers are going to do.  I’m still looking for the link that supports this by the way, if you see it please send it.  I always thought I was in tune with the universe.  I could feel the earth turning, I could feel when stop lights are going to change, all that.  Turns out I am just dizzy and paranoid.
Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! I have to go now, I have to concentrate on the Captain’s driving.

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