We made it to AR, just in time for it to really start sleeting. It was pretty because it was after we got there that it got crazy icy. Before that we stayed the night in Eufaula OK. Its a small town on a beautiful lake. There is something about lake towns in OK. The people there are hicks. Now, I’m not saying that in a hateful way. I love hicks. I love to hear how you put a lift kit on your Hemi, or when you talk about your “old man”. See, something happens to me when I hear someone say they ain’t seen nothing, or anything along those lines. The hick in me instantly comes out. I can’t help it, my accent gets thicker, my words get slower, and my language gets more colorful. And I don’t mean swearing, God knows that couldn’t get worse.

We made it there, and we made it back home. We got the dogs, and Tazzi got a haircut. She was looking like a hippy. Now I’m laying in bed while Rosco gasses me out. I don’t know what they give that boy, but I think I see paint peeling off the walls.

I’m going to go find something to put in my nose so I can’t smell anything. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my bladder infection on the road. That always makes for a fun time……

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