Two Years

So much can happen in two years.
Two years ago today, this was the view off my balcony.
Two years ago today I woke up a single woman, and went to sleep married.
In the two years since we were in paradise, the Captain has realized how far from paradise we really are.  Poor guy.  He tried to Lemon Law me after he found out how defective I really am.

Maybe I should start making these every day.  I wonder if the Captain will forget that I’m pregnant and hormonal.  Maybe he won’t think about the dogs that I’ve brought into the house.  The stinky, noisy, loud dogs that disrupted he and the fiery furball in their quiet home.

I’ll start putting up pictures like this so the Captain will forget about the brain surgery and the fact that I am a terrible house cleaner.

Maybe I’ll just give him rum every night.

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