Snowed in

We’ve had some interesting weather this week.  The Captain finally got over the flu, but he was still not allowed to go anywhere.  I ensured he would not be trying to get out by parking my truck crooked in the middle of the driveway, and left it there, in the ice.

Until today, I had not left the house since Tues and we won’t talk about when I showered in that time.  I woke up Tues morning about 3ish to hear it pouring down sleet.  I was on the couch so I would not be exposed to the Captain’s germs.  Yes I could have gone to the spare room, but there is no TV there.  We got about 3/4″ of ice in total, and unlike most other times here in Texas, it did not melt the next day. Nor did it melt the day after that, or the day after that.  Then, when the roads looked like they might be drivable the day after that, it snowed.  The weather people said we would get about an inch or less.  We got four inches.  Mixed in with a little more sleet in there too, so we have a layer of ice, then a few inches of snow, then a thin layer of ice, topped with another inch of snow.

There were, however, two critters I know of who loved this development.  One of the these two is either part husky, or just plain dumb.  I have my vote, but you make up your own mind.

Here is a string of pictures to help you decide:

I’ll let you decide.

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