Vacation. Made.

Traveling is important, right? At least I should think so, I AM the Traveling Zipperhead. Im a Zipperhead, and I love to travel, that’s kinda why I’m here.

I think we get a lot from travel, we feed our souls and our minds. The more places you see, the more you see this world is beautiful, how similar things can be, and how very different places are from home. I learned to love traveling as a kid, but no matter where I went, and how much I loved new places, nothing beckoned me like the Rockies. Wyoming and Colorado will always feel like home to me. It sounds weird, but but I feel connected there almost spiritual.

So I want my kids to feel this. They are both Texans, but I want them to experience and love the mountains like I do. Last summer we went through WY, they saw the Tetons, Yellowstone, Casper, and got to dig for fossils because what makes traveling better? Learning science when you travel!!! No? Just me? Whatever.

We loaded up the wagon queen family truckster and headed north. Now, it’s important to tell you that we took the dog this time too. She’s a girl dog, so she won’t pee or poop away from home.

It also makes our dining options extremely limited. I’ve been reduced to “do you have gluten free food?” And “Do you have a patio that allows dogs?” I need someone to cross my two apps to make “Bring Fido to find me gluten free”. Now we just grill our food at the hotel.

The hotel is great. Lots to do for the kids, nice rooms, except for the GIANT fiddleback I killed in the bathroom, so now I’m super paranoid about them. This one was huge too. So big, he could have been out walking his chihuahua, anyway, they have a singing cowboy here too. Like a real cowboy, with a guitar. He taught my sweet kiddo how to rope and handle a lasso. He was so excited to show his dad and teach him. Cowboy Roger took a shine to my little guy. He leaned over and told me, “he’s a special kid isn’t he? Like he’s different than the others, genuine and smart?” I said yeah and left it at that. Look, I know my kiddo is special, he’s really smart, incredibly sensitive, and doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. I see it, but I’m his mother, I would see it even if others didn’t. But it always makes me proud when they do. So this lead to the highlight of our trip so far:

This cowboy, in his 60’s, complete with gun, knife, Spurs, army stories, and lasso lessons, sits down to play Merle haggard, and my little little 6 yo guy asked him to play Queen. And with that, he played “fat bottom girls”. And my little man was extremely excited.

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  1. Waunette Ouzts says:

    Lindsay, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I want to tel you I also had a grandson who was ‘special’. He is Terri’s oldest son. He showed his brilliance at a very young age. He was reading at three years old. He taught himself. Its when Star Wars was first in the movies. He had books about it . I thought he’d memorized them but when I asked him to read a certain out of order page, he did. Your little boy sounds so much like him. One of his teachers said he should be in a class for kids with higher intellect, they refused. Wanted him to learn social skills first. His name is Brian and he is a medical doctor now. So expect great things will happen to your son too. I am so proud . but your second child will have trouble following him. Let her go at her own pace. Terri’s second son wanted to be smart like Brian so bad but just couldn’t be. He faltered at some things but is now the grandsonEthan Starr who teaches at the Ft WorthCulnary school. He has a very cute personality . If you ever get a chance to go back there, look him up. I love your blogs

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