I’ve learned some things this trip. Things about my family, things about myself, and just some general things. For instance: taking your dog on vacation is both really cool and a giant pain in the butt. I’ve learned that most hotels that you find last minute that will take an 85 lb Doberman are not the kinds of places you want to stay in. I’ve learned that my dog likes weed. She likes to get stoned and lay on the cool grass in the sun. I don’t blame her personally, that does sound nice. I’ve also learned that she’s an even better dog than I thought, when we took her downtown, with a million people down there, she was calm, friendly, and a total ham for attention. When the fireworks started tonight right over the hotel, she was concerned at first, but became more concerned with licking her rear end. The more I expose her to things, the easier it will be to get her trained as a therapy dog. She proved to me this trip that she can handle just about anything except peeing and pooping away from home. I also learned that she has terrible balance and will fall in a river if she tried to drink from it while perched on a rock. She gets that from me.

I’ve learned that my kids are city kids who get excited about seeing stars in the night sky. That my daughter is unafraid of any dog she sees, but HATES fireworks. Especially when they are shot off over the hotel. And that traveling is rough on my son. He wants to go, but gets car sick and altitude sickness. But he doesn’t complain while his sister tells us she wants to go home constantly. She is shy and doesn’t make friends with anyone and everyone like her brother does, who will literally talk to anyone who will listen. I know he gets that from me.

I’ve learned that my husband gets stressed out over small things and can’t multitask to save his life. I’ve also learned how much he is willing to do for his family. When we’re tired, or hangry, or when my anxiety gets the best of me. He handles it and he doesn’t complain. He does NOT get that from me.

I’ve learned how much fun new experiences are through the eyes of my kids. That my anxiety is getting worse and even though the mountains make it better, it’s not 100% better. I’ve learned that I should cut my husband some slack sometimes, except for his driving. I want to live! I’ve learned that I don’t love him enough to use the same washcloth on my face that he uses for his butt. He needs to use his own. I’ve learned that altitude sickness is for real and can make you sick for a couple days. And that no matter what altitude you were born into, asthma is not your friend at 12,000 feet.

I want my kids to travel and see all that they can, but I want CO to hold a special place in their hearts. I just hope we’re making good memories!

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